Praise for Commonwealth Chorale

From The Critics

"[An] extraordinary afternoon of singing and musicianship. It was a privilege to be present for such a performance."

     -The Boston Herald

"The clarity and balance of the fugal singing... was testimony to good musical discipline."

     -The Boston Globe

"The Newton Choral Society sounded beautiful... [their sound] floating over our heads."

     -The Boston Globe

"The Newton Chorus succeeded in both aspects of maintaining good pitch throughout and clearly delineating the vocal lines and resultant harmonies."

     - Anthony J. Palmer,  The Arts Fuse

"Carrier hashed the chorus in mixed voices rather than deploying them in discrete sections, something a choir director does only when supremely confident of the singers’ abilities, a confidence fully justified in this case. Nor was Carrier afraid to take his singers through some brisk tempos, and all his decisions on speed, dynamics, phrasing and articulation seemed just right."

     -Vance Koven, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Audience Reflections

“… a daring and beautiful performance by Commonwealth Chorale…”

“[T]he audience was wrapped in the music.”

“The chorus was an absolutely blended instrument.”

“The spirituals were the best music I’ve heard you sing!”

Professional musicians' Comments

“Bravo, magnificent… a dazzling masterpiece.”

     -Lorna Cooke deVaron

“I realize now as an older and wiser composer how difficult parts of [my composition] Narcissus are, but with [David Carrier] as captain of the ship, I thought it sailed beautifully.”

     -James Woodman, composer

“It was amazing, not only to hear the emotion in [the Chorale’s] voices, but also to see the emotion on [their] faces… spot on with their inflections, and drew us all into the intimacy of the music. “

     -Thomas Jones, Baritone soloist

“The chorus was tremendous… such a palette of vocal colors and effects, matching the beauty of the text. A triumph of subtlety and beauty.”

     -Richard Bunbury, Ph.D., organist

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